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About Us

The establishment of The Local Baptist Church in Nazareth in December 1996 was the result of a long, self-searching process. The church was founded by former church members, new couples and individuals led by the Holy Spirit who saw the need for a new church, in order to bring joy and fellowship among devoted, concerned believers.

The church members meet at The Nazareth Baptist School auditorium twice a week (adjacent to the mother church, located on the main street). The worship service is held on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m., and a meeting for prayer and Bible study is held on Fridays at 6:30 p.m

The vision of the church is to be a living testimony to the name of Jesus, to honor Him first in His hometown, then throughout Galilee and the entire country, by modeling authentic Christian living, as well as spreading the gospel of salvation, teaching and proclaiming it to all the different denominations living around us.

The church was faithfully led until June 2001 by
Pastor Endrawos Abu Gazaleh. The three following elders continued leading the church until the beginning of 2012; pastor Ajaj was the part time pastor until end of 2007.

Br. Botrus Mansour
Br. Riyad Haddad
Pastor Azar Ajaj

Since 2010 the church has been led by the interim pastor Phil Hill, who ended his term in summer 2012 .

At the beginning of 2012, the church elected seven new elders to relieve the former beloved elders.

The current elders are:








Br. Ibraheem Qupty

 Br. Bader Mansour

 Pastor Randy Green

 Br. Rani Saba

Br. Rafic Khalil

 Br. Zaher Haddad

We give thanks to the Lord for the number of recorded members in 2012: our membership has reached ninety sisters and brothers.

 We invite all who are interested to visit the church, and to talk to the leaders and members for further information about the plan of salvation or about the church’s ministries and the possibilities of exploring new partnerships.

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