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Christ is our hope by Rev. Azar Ajaj

One of the most used words in Israel is ‘peace’. We read about it in the newspapers, politicians promise peace and we all hope to have it. But we find that peace is far away from us. Instead of peace, our world is full of violence, hatred and revenge; more now than any time before.

I grew up in this situation, the situation of hatred and enmity, of wounded hearts and suffering people. As a citizen in this country, I always wondered if there was any hope that we could ever live in peace. As I was growing up I thought that the solution should be a political one, and for some time I put my hopes in the politicians, but soon I discovered that peace does not come through these people. A turning point in my life was when I started to understand that as a Christian I have a role in bringing hope to the hopeless. I was fully convinced that God wanted to use his body the believers in this country to do so. Through the love, respect and the peace that we have with each other in the body of Christ (Jewish and Arab believers), we can bring hope to our people. I’m truly believe that we have no other choice but to be one, because “He is our peace, and He is our reconciliation” for that we should be one, and together we can bring the real hope of the real peace for our nations.

Rev. Azar Ajaj

Rev Azar Ajaj
Rev Azar Ajaj
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