Local Baptist Church - Nazareth
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Our Ministries

The church is conducting various ministries that are carried out by church leaders and members. There are home groups and meetings for women and youth, in addition to a range of other services that are necessary to keep the church moving forward. The church holds conferences and special meetings to promote fellowship and training for its members and friends.

Church ministries include:

Womens Ministry:  Led By Sister Randa Elias. Its purpose is to equip the women of the church with Spiritual maturity through constructive fellowship with each other, and to train women in strategies for sharing Christ with family, friends, neighbors and community, especially with other women.

Youth Ministry : Led by Sister Rasha Saba. It is focused on directing, building and edifying the youth in the church, preparing them for a full and enthusiastic Christian Life through worship, Bible studies, social seminars, and fellowship at conferences and on trips.

Fellowship Ministry: Led by Sister Wurud Durr. It works uniformly with all the ministries, strengthening the bonds between Church members, preparing all fellowship programs, arranging trips, dinners and lunches, and arranging and managing all needs and issues related to conferences.

Music Ministry: Led by Br. Rani Saba. It is responsible for all worship arrangements on Sundays, and during meetings and conferences, in addition to planning and performing special programs for holidays and special events, like Christmas & Easter programs, and Praise & Worship evenings.

Sunday School Ministry:  Led by Br. Rafic Khalil, the churchs Sunday school is held each Sunday at the time of the Worship meeting. Its purpose is to raise children in faith and Christian life, educating and raising them in the word of God, using a variety of educational strategies, trips, childrens songs, dramas, games, workshops etc.


Website ministry: Led by a team of specialists and elders, it aims to develop the site as an important tool in the hands of the church to reach out to its members and friends.


Let us not forget to mention some  highly important Para-church ministries, led and supported by some of our members. These ministries include Bible colleges, NBS school, the EMMS hospital, childrens work, the Bible house, and other evangelism ministries.


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