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Congratulations, for a new pastor and other significant decisions

In an atmosphere of celebration and with large majority, the church voted to assign Rev Phil Hill an interim pastor for the church for a period of one year to prepare the church for receiving an Arabic speaking pastor.
Im the same time the church voted with large majority to accept the proposal of the council to appoint brother Bisharah Deeb as a servant mentored by Rev Phil.
The church has also voted unanimously to accept Rev Randy Green and his wife Stacy as members in the church.
The members attendance at this meeting was a record in business meetings where 62 members were present and took part in the voting.
Two weeks ago the council presented this proposal for the church to consider. A week later the church discussed the proposal lengthily and openly. Days of prayer and fasting were announced during this time.
On Sunday morning, April 25, Rev Phil preached a blessed sermon on the elements of a happy church quoting 1thess. 5:12-24. (will be published soon on this site)
The voting procedure was carried out in an orderly manner followed by counting the votes by brother Rani Saba and the deacons Simon Nuwaisry and Elia Qubti.
Riad Haddad announced the results while applauding came from the floor. The new Pastor and new servant were called forward along with their spouses where Rev Azar and Rev Bryson lifted up prayers for them.
Rev Hill is in his early sixties teaching at the Nazareth Center for Theological Studies and his wife Angela, a social worker, works at the NCTS in the financial administration department. Rev Hill has served as a minister for forty years in different churches in England. He is working on his second degree at Oxford University. He was one of the initiators of twinning relations with the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel ten years ago. He has been visiting and preaching in many churches in our country for a long time.
Brother Bisharah is third year student at the NTCS and serves in the ministry of mission in church and out for a long time. His wife, Lubna, is the manager of the souvenir shop at the Nazareth Village.
Rev Randy Green and his wife, Stacy, joined the membership of our church. They serve in the country with the Baptist Mission. Rev Randy helps with the youth ministry and teaches at the Nazareth Baptist School as well as in NTCS.



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