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LBC church support to Nazareth Hospital EMMS

Local Baptist church, July 2012

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus,

As we have announced in church, LBC would like to make a small contribution to the big efforts done by EMMS Hospital to collect funds to build a new unit.

We are opening the possibility to make a donation to this purpos through the church treasurer till the end of July-2012.

We as a local church want to show our contribution to the Hospital efforts to advance, we also thank the Lord for all the efforts done in the past years to advance and raise the level of this institution both medical and spiritual.

We also like on this occasion to bless our brothers and sisters (church members), working there , starting from Rev. Suheil Batheesh and his wife Sister Iman, Sisters Radia and Carolyn Copty, brother Tony Yamini, sister Randa Elias, asking the Lord for a special blessing upon their lives and daily work. May The Lord grant them strength and wisdom.

The church also acknowledges the great contribution of this institution to our community, and is happy to contribute spiritually by supporting our brother Simon Nweisry and his wife Luisa (church evangelism coordinator) to give time and support to Rev. Suheil.

Please read more about the project on the next icon ,(main page)

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