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Church held the annual conference in Ness Amim

Our Church held its annual conference in Ness-Amim from the 1rst-4th of August.
Themes were:
How to know, discover and live God's plan for me, my family, within the church and the community.
Brother Makram Mishirki from El-Rameh village and Pastor Giryes Abou Gazaleh from Jordan both shared The Word of God on the above subjects.
Youth and children activities were held during the conference.
We were richly blessed and touched by the word and teaching, and by being able to use different facilities in Ness-Amim.
Over 90 members and friends attended the whole time, as well as many others who popped by here and there, as well as Kufur Yaseef Baptist church that joined us at one of the evenings with a large delegation.





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