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Rev. Phil Hill Ends His Term as LBC Interim Pastor.

Rev. Phil Hill Ends His Term as LBC Interim Pastor.

September 2012

Rev. Philip Hill has officially ended his term of serving as interim pastor of the Local Baptist church during this month of September.
At this occasion, and on behalf of the church members, the church elders would like to thank Pastor Phil for his ministry and leadership during the last two years. Pastor Phil served the church faithfully, led putting in place the new church constitution and reorganized its leadership in addition to his teaching and leadership of the church. Pastor Phil contributed in the opening of a new page in our church history.
We are mainly thankful to The Lord for providing this experienced and valuable help to our church all through the years of leadership of Pastor Phil, which will hopefully bear fruits for many years to come
Pastor, May God reward and bless you richly as well as you dear wife Angela and the rest of the family.

Pastor Phil will continue ministering and serving in Israel until his retirement in 2013.

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